Product Information Management


What are the functions of Product Information Management solutions?

At the heart of every successful business that deals with a range of products is an effective Product Information Management (PIM) system. But what exactly is PIM? Simply put, PIM is a set of…

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What type of data can be managed with a PIM solution?

To improve the management of the different branches of your company, you can use different practices and various modern and reliable solutions. Software and various computer tools offer users several possibilities. These management solutions…

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How to implement PIM solutions in SMEs?

PIM (Product Information Management) software is a solution for managing product catalogs and any associated content to make them available across all channels. Find out here about the relevance of PIM for SMEs, and…

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You have PIM projects to achieve and are looking for a solution that will allow you to succeed? Here are a few tips and tricks to remember!

You have decided to embark on a PIM project and are looking for a tool that can help you achieve your many objectives? There are a few key points to consider to find the…

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PIM and DAM: the main differences

In an organization, more precisely in the field of commerce, two complementary but completely opposite tools are useful. There is PIM or Product Information Management and there is DAM or Digital Asset Management. Here…

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What are the main benefits of using PIM?

Currently, a good product or information management provides many benefits, regardless of the nature of a company’s business. Product information management is one of the essential computer systems that allow to plan and organize…

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How does PIM work?

To improve IT management at the level of the different branches of a company, it is necessary to use practical and reliable solutions. The use of IT solutions in business management can also help…

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What is PIM (Product Information Management)?

The success of a company depends essentially on how quickly it adapts to the new demands of its customers, distributors, and employees. However, this task is not easy given the many challenges that a…

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Why you should invest in advertising objects

The effectiveness of your corporate communication strategy depends on the growth of your business and the increase of your turnover. One of the possible ways to make your marketing strategy a success is to…

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