What are the main benefits of using PIM?

Currently, a good product or information management provides many benefits, regardless of the nature of a company's business. Product information management is one of the essential computer systems that allow to plan and organize all the articles and products that exist in a company.

What is PIM?

Product information management or PIM is a technological platform for centralizing information. It is a piece of software that takes care of retrieving all the product lists to share them and exploit them to certain media in real-time. These actions are all carried out automatically. The functioning of PIM is based on the recovery of information that allows to carry out several works such as data exchange, catalog production or inventory and which is related to a product can be measures, prices, images, etc. You can also find more information on www.goaland.com.

The information managed by PIM solution

PIM can manage all the information that revolves around a company's articles and products. The information to be controlled concerns marketing type data that is sometimes carried by the product (collections, categories, product name, long and short description, etc.). Equivalent or replacement products as well as logistical data such as weights, dimensions, barcode, etc. are also checked. Also taken into account are the technical characteristics that are sometimes carried by the items, the opinions of customers who look back on a product sheet, and media or assets such as videos, 360° animation, PDF documents, photos, etc.

What are the advantages of using PIM?

In a product marketing strategy, this is a very practical system that provides many advantages. Product information management allows a company to centralize its product data and to communicate in multi-channel, in other words, it is a system that allows synchronization, data import or export, and communication with other systems. It also allows for generating advanced dashboards on product lines and products. PIM saves money because the company using it can offer reliable, structured, rich, and up-to-date information for its customers. By opting for PIM, the company's technical, sales and marketing team has access to all the information needed to increase the company's competitiveness, performance, and sales. This solution is therefore an important tool that helps streamline product data and information and maintain the company's image.

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