You have PIM projects to achieve and are looking for a solution that will allow you to succeed? Here are a few tips and tricks to remember!

You have decided to embark on a PIM project and are looking for a tool that can help you achieve your many objectives? There are a few key points to consider to find the PIM solution best suited to your needs, whatever they may be.

Choosing an efficient, effective, and scalable PIM solution

Not all PIM solutions are the same. However, those offered by Goaland include modules that are not offered anywhere else. To find the ideal solution, it is, therefore, necessary to compare the offers that are considered interesting. The ones that show better efficiency and performance are to be preferred. If the company is faced with two difficult choices, the solution that offers continuous evolution is the only possible option. It will provide the same level of support even when the brand's objectives have changed and its business has become even more important.  

Choosing a PIM solution that fits the company's budget

There is no need to invest in a PIM solution if the company's capital does not allow it. Although the main objective of using such a tool is to reach and convert the maximum number of target customers, it is important to take into account the possibilities of the company. If the budget is quite tight, there are a few free tools that offer basic, but indispensable functionalities. If the company can afford certain expenses, powerful tools such as akeneo and pimcore are an excellent choice. If, on the other hand, it is a large firm, the choice will depend mainly on the functionalities it needs and the possibilities of updates or additions concerning these.

A few tips to help you choose the right PIM solution

Whatever the company's needs or the objectives it wishes to achieve, choosing the right tool for its activities is essential to ensure the success of its PIM project. For this, it is necessary to take into account some essential criteria. In particular, the performance of the tool must be considered. The chosen tool must facilitate the collection of data and not the other way around. It is also necessary to centralize this information in a single place to speed up its analysis and processing. A good PIM solution must be able to help its user to simplify the collection and centralization of product information. This is done through a panel of basic and specific functionalities, designed overall to automate certain tasks that are essential for the drafting and distribution of reliable and quality product datasheets. The most important thing in choosing a PIM piece of software is to make sure that it can be adapted to the user's skills, the company's needs, and also to any changes in the company. 

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