The different types of SEO

Web referencing is a world apart, bringing together several types of referencing. The approach to choose when creating a website will depend on your objectives. Some channels must be worked according to your objectives….

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Why use the help of a paid SEO agency?

Appearing at the top of the results list, generating traffic on a page, converting clicks, and so many objectives to achieve for site owners. To achieve this, there are several solutions of which the…

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How SEO analytics can inspire the creation of inbound B2B marketing content

The goal of inbound marketing is to publish articles on a website on a regular basis. These blog articles respond to the problems of potential customers. Those who are inspired by B2B inbound marketing…

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The main tools for managing Google Ads campaigns

When we talk about paid referencing, we can’t go from Google Ads. It is a SEA (Search Engine Advertising) optimization tool that aims to promote the visibility of the website and the notoriety of…

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Ways of managing your contextualized releases

For several years now, just like the evolution of the Internet, digital innovation has not stopped evolving. This change has brought about a huge shift in the relationship between a brand and its customers….

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