How to retain customers through inbound marketing?

For a long time, companies believed that it was easier to keep a customer than to get a new one. In the world of inbound marketing, a lot of attention is paid to the customer acquisition process.

Educational content

Qualitative content is the foundation of inbound marketing, but it's not just for your prospects. Make sure that part of your content creation strategy is dedicated to educating your existing customers so that they can better understand your industry and the value of your service or product. According to your inbound marketing agency in Paris, this can be done through a variety of methods, including customer-only online training sessions or product blog posts.

Customer support

One of the best-known uses of inbound marketing for customer loyalty is the use of online tools such as social networks for customer support. Any company, regardless of size, can take advantage of online tools to make customer support faster and easier, helping to keep customers satisfied. Also, consider offering the content for the product and service you are marketing. Sometimes it's good to talk about your product or service. To attract new customers, it's better to publish content that focuses on industry best practices rather than on your product. However, there is no rule against having more than one blog, for example.

Common customer issues

Many companies spend time on search engine optimization to attract new customers. However, you also want existing customers to find answers to their concerns about your product or service. The last thing a company wants is for a customer not to find the answer they are looking for in customer service. Or even worse, that they find a negative mention online from a former customer who had a bad experience with the same problem. As you think about keywords and content for your SEO strategies, think about how to help your current customers. It is also important to allow customers to help other customers.

Ask for customer feedback

It may sound simple, but few companies do it as much as they should. By using online survey tools such as email and social networks, for example, a company can gather valuable feedback from its customers in a short period. Set up frequent customer surveys throughout the year and explain to respondents how their feedback will be used and reviewed. It is also important to get customers to choose user-specific content via email. Ask your clients to engage as soon as they sign up and make a commitment.

View analysis and tracking data

Client reactions can often be subjective, but numbers don't lie. Whether it's click rates, conversion rates, views, or time spent on the screen, a good inbound marketing strategy is data-driven. By studying your customers' engagement with your content, you can find out what qualified people are interested in and what motivated them to convert. This data helps you identify trends and gaps and refine your strategy accordingly to increase conversions. You can also generate a wide variety of reports relevant to the various divisions of your business so that your entire team can see what they can improve and where they are already doing so. It is also important to build a relationship via social networks. Even the best of what was once considered good customer service is no longer enough.  

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