How the interactive screen has revolutionized the workspace

Whether in meetings or even in classrooms, it always seems to be a daunting task to get stakeholders or students to interact. However, we are fortunate to live in an era where technological solutions to all our problems are often found. The solution available to you today is the interactive screen. It has made its appearance in classrooms, in companies, reception halls, various exhibition areas, etc., and seems to be gradually taking its place in everyday life. If you're all already used to tablet computers, all you have to do is imagine how much you can accomplish with a giant tablet up to 75", because in reality that's what best defines the interactive screen. Revolutionary, its presence changes life in a company.

Why go for an interactive screen?

The world of work is constantly changing every day. Consequently, technology must follow, or even anticipate, this evolution by proposing adequate solutions. This is how we have seen the advent of whiteboards, video projectors, and interactive whiteboards. The interactive screen, in comparison to the latter, has undeniable advantages which lie in its ease of use, its autonomy, its efficiency. Interactive because of its projection surface and the quality of its image, the interactive screen can only capture attention and interest. It also has different tools that facilitate the sharing of documents and work supports such as graphs, tables, various figures, etc., not only allowing examining the details more closely but also giving an attractive side to business activities. As a result, meetings and decision making are accelerated and you save more time than before. At the same time, the motivation of the audience is improved as it helps to increase their reactivity. One can say that the interactive screen makes it possible to envisage shorter and optimized meetings.

The interactive touch screen: A modern and adapted tool

Specifically, its performance is since the interactive touch screen benefits from an Android core. As a result, it is possible to connect it to the internet, or even use it as a wifi hotspot. Like tablets, different applications are pre-installed on it, but the most interesting is the experience you will have by adding applications that meet the specific needs of your business. For example, accounting applications, geographic applications, architecture software, and many others. In this way, the interactive screen benefits all business sectors. Some software applications also allow you to collect employee opinions in real-time. This will strengthen your teamwork and make it more efficient. The training sessions are transformed into real fun activities, while allowing everyone to participate, even remotely. No more peripherals and other bulky equipment, your presentations will be lighter and with simple gestures, you will keep track of your ideas. Not to mention that you won't need a computer anymore because the computer is integrated! For installation, professionals are now offering you different sizes of interactive screens that fit perfectly in meeting rooms and offices.

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